Mass shooting in Connecticut and the effect of computer use on mental health, emotional trauma and human safety.

What is happening to everyone today? Why are there so many mass killings? What can we do to stop this evil and horror that seems to have taken our nation by storm and which we are also seeing in other countries especially in Europe? What is making people especially young men so angry?

Many of us are truly horrified by the various shooting but the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut goes beyond anything anyone could have imagined.

Twenty children all gunned down. They were all virtually babies who were still enjoying the excitement of growing up dreaming of what they would be when they grew up.  What a tragedy.

Where do we point the finger of blame? Is it the mother of the shooter Adam Lanza or the divorce of his parents or is it the video games he so loved playing or the drugs if he was on medication or is it the culture of violence and death we have in our country whereby violence on television and in movies is accepted as entertainment that has desensitized people or is it the gun loving culture.

All these share in the blame. There is however a big elephant in the room – the effect of computer use on human mental health and ability to cope with emotional trauma.

As far as I know from the media reports on the various mass shootings that have been occurring all over the country, one thing stands out, all the shooters were computer users and a lot of their motives and mode of operation were uncovered by searching their computers for evidence.

To me as an expert on the topic of computer use induced health conditions, we are beginning to see the health effects of the decision that we have taken as a people on earth to engage in constant exposure to lifeless artificial light our beings are not coded with through computer use without putting the necessary preventive measures in place and without taking steps to reduce other negative aspects of our culture to prevent our human computer systems from being overwhelmed.

I will explain things in as simple a way as possible so we call understand the basic principles involved.

We are coded to be in constant presence of life containing light recharging our control messaging system of light fields we call neurotransmitters so we are in constant mental balance.

Consequently we feel relaxed outside in sunlight during the day and in the presence of the moon an stars during the night time and are stressed by computer light, fluorescent an all other artificial lifeless forms of light.

The natural lights are beamed to us from above via the air through the water of the moisture in the air.

When this system of control for any reason is affected our brains and the hearts that operate them will not function right.

If we do not provide a means for self correction, over time, our system could get overburdened with toxic light resulting in many health issues including what we call mental problems.

There are two classes of neurotransmitters – the excitatory ones responsible for action type activities such as motion these include dopamine, adrenalin, noradrenalin and so on.

The second group is called inhibitory neurotransmitters. They control the excitatory ones and prevent them from over firing so we do not just go on and on and on until we crash. That is why we can operate and move around as humans.

The balance of these neurotransmitters we have determine our behavior and indeed the way every part of our being functions. They act in groups.

With this little introduction to the way we are coded to be, it must be obvious that computer use and its exposure to artificial lifeless light at such close range must be toxic to our messaging system.

That without going into details is the reason why computer use can affect our mental health.

These issues cannot be resolved by medication for there is no drug that can produce sunlight and the intricately complex messaging system that powers us.

It is not only the system itself that becomes toxic, the receptors in our skin and openings in our bodies through which light gets inside us could become infected. The whole nerve network in us could in fact be infected resulting in all sorts of pain that could be misdiagnose for example as carpel tunnel or in some cases as fibromyalgia, depression, AHHD and many other more commonly known ailments and be medicated with dire consequences.

For me as a computer use induced health conditions expert, It is my belief that whatever else may have been going on in the various shooters, the depletions in neurotransmitters from computer use is the trigger for their cascading mental health till they lose all ability to recognize right from wrong or even feel any emotions.

They lapse into what I call the fantasy mode of being uninhibited because of the lack of inhibitory controllers.

This means their way of reasoning is controlled by neurotransmitters that control actions such as attack and aggression without it being directed at self protection as it would normally be.

The ability to discern right from wrong is an inhibitory system. If the light fields responsible for carrying out these functions are corrupted in their delivery or depleted one will lose the inability to exercise judgment, which is a system of control.

What actions are carried out will depend on what the individual has been listening to and watching which is what is stored in the database of the heart.

If this happens to be violent movies or video games or a violent experience or participating in bullying and so on that is what the individual will do for they are now on auto pilot.

Consequently they can scheme and plan but it is an auto pilot plan not based on reasoning but auto reaction base on prior activity. They will automatically process things like a game of survival in the jungle as adrenalin and all other excitatory neurotransmitters in the body that are normally inhibited by reason to ensure their action is only directed at real danger is off

Excitatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenalin and noradrenalin are overly produced during computer use, which is why we feel excited and empowered and happy and fell falsely in control when on the computer.

It is adrenalin/dopamine rush much like that of a person on psychedelic drugs and our judgment becomes impaired.

In fact all computer users are impaired to varying degrees. This is why this issue must be taken seriously. In computer use ignorance is not bliss it is suicide.

It is no ordinary mental problem. It is one the medical profession that is medication based is not geared to understand, diagnose or treat.

In fact the medical profession in our country is yet to accept the fact that computer use can cause mental distress. Probably because it does not know what to do with the problem as it does not also lend itself to the normally accepted research methodology but to the study of the code of nature and human machine user manual we call the Bible or Scriptures for answers acknowledging our maker and programmer in ways done in bygone days but no longer done in modern times. It would also expose the fallacy of many things we have chosen to accept today as facts though we know they are not so

Computer use induced health conditions do not have to be insurmountable issues. There are preventive measures we should have put in place before going into computer use. We only considered the monetary aspect and are now paying the price in ways many are unaware of or unwilling to admit.

It is also one of the reasons our healthcare cost is going up due to routine misdiagnosis of illnesses arising from computer use as due to other factors.

Mental health issues is only one of the various conditions that can arise from computer use there are myriads of others including cancer, kidney and liver, heart and other organ malfunctions, eye and lung problems including asthma, allergies and so on

It is a problem of immense magnitude because computer use is here to stay for in today’s world our lives revolve around computer use which goes beyond desktops and laptops to cell phones, ipads, iphoves, TV and so on, indeed virtually every means of communicating, entertainment, record keeping, manufacturing and so on.

Gun control is one of the issues that must be addressed as well as mental health generally but unless the white elephant called computer use induced health conditions is accepted as reality we will all be ticking time bombs over time.

Some talk about arming the teacher. What if the teacher too becomes so depleted from the computer dependent nature of his or her job and goes into the fantasy mode shooting all the students, what will be our next line of defense?

Another thing is that some people actually believe that computer use helps people to cope, mistaking the overconcentration that occurs during computer use and which in fact a negative as positive because it keeps the user engaged.

That over concentration is in fact a danger as it is evidence of a loss of control in the level of concentration due to neurotransmitter depletions.

I hope I have helped getting us to begin to appreciate the immensity of what we are up against an why we all have to take this opportunity to begin to address this issue seriously before it is too late.

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