New book on the health effects of computer use on women

There is a new book out by Adetutu Ijose on the health effects of computer use on women. In this book she provides details on gender specific health effects an why they occur.

There are many health related effects of computer use that are common to both men an women. There are however some more pronounced in one sex than the other. Being a woman, Adetutu has been able to identify the women specific issues that every woman needs to know in order to take charge of their health in a computer use dependent world.

Because men and women generally have differences in biochemical needs the effect of computer use on these biochemical groups will have a great effect on how each gender’s health is affected.

For example, the estrogen/progesterone balance in women is key to their sense of well being an anything that tips the balance one way or the other such as the estrogen mimicking chemical in computer monitor light can easily throw the delicate natural balance off resulting in many issues that can be easily misdiagnosed.

There are also certain nutrient requirement issues more pronounced in one sex than the other. For example iron is a mineral heavily use by the body in computer use,whose deficiency may be more pronounced in women

This book helps women to understand themselves better. It is also good information for anyone that has a woman they care about – wife, mother, daughter, sister and so on.

The 6″.x 9″book is $12. It is 94 pages long and available from and the author’s website in paperback print.

It is also available in ebook format for kindle. Nook, ipad and other ebook formats should be available within the next two weeks.

Contact Ms. Ijose at or

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