Book on Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions

When texting, certain physiological activities occur in the human body which result in the incessant desire for texting at the expense of actual conversation. Adetutu Ijose the computer use induced health conditions expert in her book explains what happens when texting and why.


 Many are unaware that the act of texting is the same as being in front of a regular computer. The same dangers apply.

 In addition, because the screen is so small, limiting the expanse of light contrary to our natural coded way of being encompassed by the sunlight our natural source of viewing and reading light.

 This posses additional stress to the human body system it is not naturally coded to handle.

 The incessant exposure to toxic artificial light and chemicals that texting involves as well as issues such as distracted driving, lack of sleep and its effect on the immune system are some of the issues that this state of addiction brings.

 Many would like to be less addicted but find themselves unable to exercise the required self control.Many also progress to the dangerous arena of sexting.

 Adetutu’s book provides answers to this phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Find out all you need to know and help yourself an all your love ones.

 This book is available at in print and also in ebook format for kindle, ipad, nook, kobo and most other ebook reader formats.

 It is available at  the Book Gallery at Ms. Ijose’s website

Contact Ms. Ijose at or

Visit her websites – http://www and

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