Book on the Contribution of Computer Use to Allergies and Asthma

There are various reports about increasing levels of asthma and allergies in the population. No one is talking about the correlation between this increase and the increase in computer use.

Indeed chemical,biochemical and light imbalance is inherent in computer use. Adetutu Ijose the computer use induced health conditions expert explains all this in her book Allergies, Asthma and Computer use

Allergy is an environmental condition related ailment, The computer use environment is toxic unless preventive measures are taken to re balance it. These measure which are mostly free are explained in this book.

This book is a must read for anyone who finds himself or herself sneezing during computer use or experiencing other allergy or asthma resembling symptoms.

People with existing allergies and asthma conditions prior to commencement of computer use will find their conditions exacerbated,

Computer use induced health conditions do not resolve with medication and are routinely misdiagnosed as other more commonly known ailments and medicated with dire consequences. The onus is on every computer user to educate themselves in order to properly present their ailments to their doctors as this is not a well known area to the medical profession.

It is not drug resolved contrary to the way conventional medical practice is designed.

This book provides the information every sufferer needs to understand themselves and assist their doctor to understand their ailments. It would be good self help to get a copy into your doctor’s hand too,

This book is available at in print and also in ebook format for kindle, ipad, nook, kobo and most other ebook reader formats.

It is available at  the Book Gallery at Ms. Ijose’s website

Contact Ms. Ijose at or

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