Healing Juicing, Smoothies and Milk Shake Recipes

Our bodies were created to self heal and juicing is a very quick way to get nutrients into your system. The art of juicing breaks down the vegetables and fruits into small portions and into forms that are more easily digestible than when whole. The enzymes are more easily deployed.

 Eating can become a chore and boring. The book Healing Juicing, Smoothies and milk Shake Recipes is a collection of recipes that present ways in which food can be made interesting while still healthy.It also provides information on how to extract the most nutrients from the foods you are using for the juices, milkshakes an smoothies..

Healing juicing smothie and milk shake recipe book ThumbnailImage

 When we have health problems it is a manifestation of some deficiencies in the human machine messaging system. This messaging system is what instructs all the various activities and functions of the body.

This deficiency can arise due to  form water related issues or food nutrient deficiency or deficiency of light fields that are generated from, the sun.

This deficiency is what is responsible for the malfunctioning of the body part that is hurting.and that is manifested as pain.

Consequently the nutritional content of the food we eat is one of the keys to good health and the importance of a good digestive system cannot be overemphasized..

The body’s healing process is a continual daily activity and availability of nutrients to self repair determines how good a quality of life health wise we have.

This book is available at http://www.amazon.com in print and also in ebook format for kindle, ipad, nook, kobo and most other ebook reader formats.

It is available at  the Book Gallery at Ms. Ijose’s website http://www.foodsthathealdaily.com

Contact Ms. Ijose at adetutuijose@gmail.com or computerblessings@gmail.com


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