Book Identifies how to Identify, Manage, Minimize and Treat Computer Related Health Conditions

In her  book – Lessons I Learned the Hard Way available on her website , as well as at,  Adetutu Ijose shares her insight into the health issues faced by computer users everywhere having been a casualty of serious life threatening complications of computer usage herself. For decades many people have been in denial about the effect of computer use on human health fearing the effect of such knowledge on the use of the computer which could affect its widespread use and affect technological advancement. Some feared the cost to the computer industry if sufferers litigate.

Consequently, millions of people are suffering silently not understanding why and in many cases not even identifying the source of their problem as their computer usage methodology resulting in huge healthcare costs as they undergo treatments that do not work or even in some cases worsen the problems or create new ones.

The medical profession is not very knowledgeable about this area and cannot really be blamed as no one is taught about computer related health conditions in school and our litigious society forces doctors to play it safe by keeping strictly to the book.

In addition, people seem to believe that knowing about how the computer affects their health may force them to give up their jobs resulting in economic loss and so our society is in denial.

This is the computer age. The computer is here to stay and indeed has become indispensable to our way of existence hence the fear of giving it up as a result of knowing its health effects is really shortsighted. It is the ignorance of not knowing its effects and how to deal with them that will force many people to give up computer usage as their lives become unbearable.

For every computer user who has ever wondered if computer usage is affecting their health and how they can reduce the effect or for the user who is having trouble getting their doctor to understand the issues they are dealing with or those who are wandering why their medications are not working there is information available that can help you.

The book Lessons I Learned the hard way provides details on why we are affected, how we are affected, how the issues develop, how the effects can be managed, how they can be minimized. She also provides information for doctors and their patients on how to treat these issues.

This information is to be a guide to computer users that could give them talking points when discussing with their doctors and help doctors in asking the right questions and determining if computer usage is the root of the various ailments a patient is coming up with.

Contrary to popular opinion, Carpel Tunnel and Computer Vision Syndrome are not the only effect of computer usage and are in fact only a tip of the iceberg. In addition several situations that actually present themselves as carpel tunnel are really something else as it was in my case.

This book is a must read for all

For example people are generally not aware that the computer use environment is one of chemical and electrical imbalances and that symptoms accumulate over time and sometimes take a long period to manifest. In Adetutu Ijose’s case it took over 20 years. Everyone is advised to get a copy for themselves and their doctor.

The book provides many practical solutions. Thebook gallery at the author’s website provides access to several other books including healing recipes to help with the diet end of things.

Recognizing our societal appetite for snacks she has written a book on how juicing, smoothies and milk shake can be made healthy and used as part of the solution. In addition several books about the issue of computer related health conditions and various solutions are in the book gallery

These books are all also available at in print and also in ebook format for kindle, ipad, nook, kobo and most other ebook reader formats.

Contact Ms. Ijose at or

Visit her websites – http://www and


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