8 Benefits of Taking a Computer Free Vacation

cropped-my-picture_small-size.pngThis is an article I wrote in 2010. It provides you with 8 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty About Not Checking Your Email While on Vacation.

1) You detoxify your system from all the anxiety of the daily grind. A vacation from work we are told is necessary to help us maintain a high productivity level. Many of us sometimes carry our work with us on our vacations. We check the email everyday. In addition many of us spend the time on social websites and so instead of feeling relaxed when we get back we immediately loose all the feel good feeling we had on vacation. It’s like it never happened. We are uptight from the first day back at work.

2) You get much needed exposure to sunlight, fresh air, outdoor exercises and our natural coded way of existence that the body critically needs if it is going to be able to handle the long hours of unnatural existence you expose it to at work coped up in closed window office buildings in front of a computer.

Please go to http://voices.yahoo.com/8-benefits-taking-computer-free-6612848.html?cat=5 to read the complete article

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