Book on Cyber Bullying and why and how cyber bullies operate

In her book Cyber Bullying, Adetutu Ijose tells the world why and how cyber bullies operate. This  book provides both teenager and their parents and caregivers an opportunity to understand the biochemical changes that go on in the cyber bully’that results in the act of cyber bullying.

cyber bullying front cover image

It is a short 24 page book that packs a lot of information to help both the perpetrators and the victims to understand the root cause and consequences of their actions so they can take informed decisions that can lead to a turnaround for perpetrators and in the case of victims help them avoid being victimized and/ or allowing the activities of bullies to lead to devastation.

This book is a must read for teenagers and anyone involved with teenagers as well as for policy makers, school authorities an pediatricians and so on.

This book is available at in print and also in ebook format for kindle, ipad, nook, kobo and most other ebook reader formats.

This book is also available from adetutu Ijose’s websites – http://www and

Contact Ms. Ijose at or

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