my-photo_low-cut-_normal-size_cropped_best2.jpgAdetutu Ijose, is a technology and accounting professional with over 25 years of intensive computer use exposure who suffered life threatening computer related health conditions the doctors could neither diagnose not treat.

In desperation and with a good knowledge of codes and how they work, she studied the human computer user manual we call the Bible until she was able to understand why and how the computer hurts our body’s system as well as the preventive and repair kits placed in nature by our maker.

She also began to realize that many issues not normally attributable to computer use were actually due to or exacerbated by computer use.

In a bid to help others get the healing she had and continues to enjoy she has written 15 books to date on the various aspects of the issue of computer use induced health conditions providing understanding and practical solutions to handle the problems we all encounter on a daily basis.

The book  titles are as follows:

1)      Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: How to Identify, Minimize, Treat and Manage Computer Related Health Condition

 2)      Computer Related Health Condition: Understanding the Human Computer

 3)      Healing Juicing Smoothie and Milk Shake Recipes: Juices, Smoothies and Milk Shakes that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

 4)      Healing Meals Recipe: Meals that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

 5)      Cyber Bullying: How and Why Bullies operate

 6)      Global Epidemic: The Human Abuse of the Computer

 7)      Computer Use Addiction and Withdrawal Syndromes: What You Need to Know

 8)      Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions: What You Need to Know

 9)      Allergies, Asthma and Computer Use: The Contributory Effects of Computer Use to Allergies and Asthma Trends

 10)  Computer Use Induced Stress: What You Need to Know

 11)  The Health effect of Video Games: What You Need to Know

 12)  Eyes, Vision and Computer Use: How You can Protect Yourself From Technology Use Induced Harm

 13)  Obesity and Computer Use: What You Need to Know

 14)  Water, Dehydration and Computer Use: Learn How to Protect Yourself

 15) The Health Effect of Computer Use on Women: What Every Woman Needs to Know

All these books available in print from amazon.com and in ebook format for most ereaders – kindle, ipad, sony, nook and so on. She is planning on writing morel books.

She is also a speaker and contributor with Yahoo Voices and Examiner.com among other avenues.

This blog is yet another attempt to reach as many people as possible in a bi to help everyone.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there Adetutu, I’ve worked heavily with computers in my life and suffered some ill effects, mainly with RSI (tennis elbow). Solution was a bit of osteopathy, and to use a separate keyboard and mouse from laptop with wrist support for both mouse and keyboard and also to lift the screen so I wasn’t hunched over it. I applaude you on your work, and hope that others may be able to avoid suffering from extended use of computers as a result 🙂

    I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

    Keep in touch …


    Don Charisma

    • I will definitely a you to on my links as soon as I figure out how to do that on this wordpress portal
      Thank you for your comment
      In my case I had both non RSI and RSI issues. I believe I suffered all you can suffer from computer use. It was very bad. Some of my issues were life threatening and everyone thought I was going to die. The various RSI issues include what resemble carpel tunnel syndrome and tendonitis , I also possibly had tennis elbow too because my elbows for a while were so sore. It was a whole body breakdown. This was all happening at the same time as non RSI issues. This page on my website tells some of my story.

      My book Lessons I learned the Hard way was written to provide a guidebook for computer users and their loved ones and care givers.

      I hope you can get a copy an read and from the information identify what you need to do to get rid of the RSI symptoms entirely. I have been able to do so. The non RSI issues are the more serious ones.

      If people actually know the preventive and management measures for proper computer use, RSI can be avoided completely. It does not have to be the way it is right now for most people. In computer use ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is suicide.

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