Why Computer use is incompatible with uncontrolled gun access

We are in the technology age where computers rule our daily lives and actions. Because this exposes us to artificial light we are not naturally coded with, it results in the excessive use of biochemicals and other nutrients our hearts, brains and other body organs and processes use when we are in the presence of light without any replenishment.

This means we are in a situation of continually deficiency in the biochemicals that keep us calm and ensure we do not over produce the ones that keep us excited so we can take correct and prudent decisions.

This is a very stressful condition for the body to be in especially as we are usually in places without access to the sun most of the day because we are indoors.

Now lets take a look at the effect of having guns around. Is it stressful to the body’s system giving us a heightened awareness of danger? The guns make us feel in control and ready to meet any challenge. This state of heightened awareness is stressful to the body resulting in continual production of a lot of adrenalin and other biochemicals we need to carry out fast action.

Having guns around is also stressful because we must exercise control over ourselves not to be too fearful and not to answer every opposition with gunfire.

As we can see guns access means we need a lot of the biochemicals that keep us calm so we do not over react.

This is not compatible with modern living that heavily uses up those same biochemicals which means we are all one step away from being out of control and over fearful.

Statistics in the media since the awful incidence in Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 Connecticut bear this out.

In countries where there is a lot of technology use but limited access to gun there is less gun violence, as people there do not have the luxury of expressing their overproduction of excitatory biochemicals we call excitatory neurotransmitter through guns.

Since computers are here to stay, if we do not want mass murder to become an incontrollable epidemic, we must enact sensible gun control laws and face the reality of the fact that our technology use has limitations and learn to live within them.

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